Renting Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is a big deal, it’s a step into adulthood and you will create some incredible memories.  If you are renting your first apartment you may not know what it important aside from how much the rent is.  There is a lot of factors that go into making an apartment a great place to live.  Let’s look at what factors should go into choosing your first apartment.

The Neighborhood

Aside from cost, the location is most important factor that you need to consider. Ideally you want a safe and friendly neighborhood that is also affordable.  You want neighbors that respect your privacy while at the same time being friendly.  You want amenities close by like grocery stores, pharmacies and public transportation if you need it.  A great apartment is no good if it is in a neighborhood that terrifies you.

Monthly Rent

Rent is typically paid on a monthly basis due on the first.  Make sure that you have a lease or rental agreement outlining the amount of rent, the length of the lease along with what’s included.  Some apartments will include heat, water and/or electricity.  Find out what utilities that you have to pay yourself and roughly what they cost each month.  Utilities can add up fairly quickly eating away at your budget.

Check for Damages

You should have a walk-through with your landlord before taking possession of the apartment.  Spot and point out any damages in the apartment like holes in the walls or broken tiles.  Outlining them ahead of time saves you from being blamed for them when you are ready to move out.  Also by pointing out any damages before you move in gives the landlord time to get anything fixed before you bring in your stuff.  When it comes to painting or hanging pictures on the walls, check with the landlord before you take on the project.  They may not appreciate you painting the living room forest green or any color outside of what they approve.  You could end up paying hundreds in damages for them to restore the apartment to the original colors.

Regular Maintenance

The last thing you want to check is whether or not the apartment building itself is well maintained.  Is there litter in the hallways or is the property around the building a mess.  Well maintained properties are a pretty good indicator of a dedicated landlord that wants to keep their property in good shape.  That’s good for you as a tenant because if anything goes wrong they are likely to deal with it right away.

Renting your first apartment is a time to be excited… you have your own place that you can decorate as you wish or do what you like.  Enjoy it!

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