Finding an Apartment that Accepts Pets

If you need to start looking for a new place and you have pets you might find the situation a bit of a challenge.  Finding an apartment that accepts pets is much like finding a needle in a haystack but it can be done.  You may end up paying a deposit to make sure that your pet doesn’t destroy the place, but that is still better than getting caught with a pet you’re not supposed to have and finding an eviction notice on your door.  The type of pet you have will make a difference as well, cats tend to be more accepted than dogs.  If you do have a dog then you are going to want to try and find something close to a park or walking trail.  Here are some other issues with having a pet.


Some landlords will allow you to have pets provided that they aren’t too big or the wrong breed.  You need to ask the landlord about this ahead of time.  Some landlords will allow a cat but not a dog, some will only allow a dog that weighs less than 40 lbs.  Larger dogs may be allowed but they may not necessarily allow what are considered dangerous breeds like Pit Bulls.  If you have a large dog you may be able to sweet talk your landlord if you give very good references.


It is entirely possible that the landlord can ask for a deposit if you have an animal.  You may have the best dog or cat in the world but the landlord will want to protect themselves in case your pet causing any damage.  When the time comes to move out and there is no pet causing damage then you should have no problem getting your deposit returned to you.

Finding Enough Space

You need to balance out the needs of your pet with what you can afford.  Some pets need to have more room, a Rottweiler takes up more room than a Yorkie.  You need to make sure that there is enough space, do you have a place for the litter box or a dog crate.  Make sure there is more than enough space for both of you to live comfortably.

Nearby Amenities

Having a cat in an apartment is fairly easy, you just need to make sure you change the litter box regularly.  Dogs, even little ones are going to need regular walks.  Are there any parks nearby that you can take your dog to?  You need a place nearby where your dog can do their “business”.  If you’re looking for an apartment in an urban area then be aware of the local leash laws and the fines for not cleaning up after your dog.

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